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Terms of Warranty


Residential Applications: one-year warranty (Commercial applications - ninety-day warranty) on woody plant materials including shrubs and trees, providing watering & care instructions are followed as detailed in supplied document.  Perennials, annuals, ground covers, roses and shrub roses are excluded from warranty coverage. Turf warranties that are installed with sod are warranted that knits to soils only.  Items not covered by warranty are neglect, acts of nature such as wildlife destruction/consumption, and chemical or accidental damage to vegetation. In the event materials are unavailable the contractor shall refund the loss at a price not exceeding the original purchase price on any specific item covered under warranty.  No other warranty are expressed or implied to as to quality of growth, productiveness or any similar matter(s).  


Watering and care instructions are available online at



Residential applications: Two-year warranty

Commercial & industrial applications: One-year warranty

Contractor warranties specifically on Unilock brand materials only.  The warranty is limited to buckling, settling and/or edge restraints. Abuse and or misuse of the installations are not covered.  Hardscape warranties are limited to new installations only, add-ons to previous hardscape installation(s) or work that is to be added on thereafter to an existing installation is not included in the warranty coverage. In the event of new construction backfill must consist of 3” stone where hardscape installations are to be installed to ensure proper compaction, warranty is void if this work is not exclusively contracted for. In the event drainage tile(s) are not contracted on project(s) that contractor specifically recommends drainage tile and customer declines drainage tile installation the contractor may at discretion void warranty on specific area(s) in the event a loss(s) is incurred due to buckling on the hardscape.  Regarding to all product any and all warranties these warranties are strictly offered by each individual manufacture.  


 General Terms & Conditions of Sale

  • The “accepted” agrees to obtain all permits for work, including any and all drawings and surveys if needed.  Permit fee(s) are to be added to the invoice balance amount due when permit(s) are required.

  • Contractor shall accept the responsibility of obtaining a business license, registration and bond if in of need.  The “accepted shall be responsible to obtain any and all cash bonds, if a cash bond is needed.

  • Contractor assumes no responsibility for accuracy of land grades unless specifically contracted to do so.

  • Contractor is not responsible for settling, grade changes due from settling of backfills.

  • The “accepted” shall clearly mark property boundaries and any private utilities before job start, furthermore agree to hold contractor held harmless due to damage(s) and or losses from utilities(s) that are not buried at depths by code.

  • Contractor is not responsible for any work delays resulting from labor disputes, accidents, fire, delayed transportation, weather or any conditions that are beyond the contractor’s control.

  • Contractor reserves the exclusive right to photograph, video and other portrayals of installations in any pictorial medium of any nature whatsoever for the purpose of trade, advertising, sales, publicity, or otherwise, without compensation to “accepted” or property owner, and all rights title and interests therein (including worldwide copy rights therein) shall be the contractors sole property, free from any claims by the “accepted” or any person deriving any rights from the “accepted”. 

  • If no plan or drawing(s) are used or a conflict occurs with a plan or drawing that is submitted that is created as a guide, the contractor reserves the right to make the final decision to complete the project.

  • Contractor’s payment(s) are to be made in full upon completion of work, any third-party payments and/or title company checks will not be accepted, exception of payment(s) by cashier check.

  • Unpaid contracts shall forfeit any and all warranty coverage(s).

  • The “accepted” agrees to pay 1 ½% interest per month on unpaid balances after 30 days.

  • The “accepted” agrees to pay for any and all costs including collection agency ans/or attorneys fees and/or fee splitting arrangements of subcontractors of contractor in recovering any payment(s). 

  • The “accepted” agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the contractor and any of its agents from any and all liabilities, damages, costs, fees, including attorneys’ fees and or settlements arising/relating claims/issues relating to work performed by the contractor on property not under contract or ownership of the “accepted” which was not authorized to work on and has authorized to do so in writing.

  • In the event the cancellation of services is desired a payment in full for portions of work that is completed is due and a twenty percent cancellation fee is to be retained by contractor for any all other contracted work cancelled. 

  • Due to safety concerns customers are to be accompanied in work areas when work is in progress.

  • At no time are person(s) under the age of 18 allowed on work site area(s).  

  • Contractor is not a licensed landscape architect sketch(s) and or drawings are strictly intended for concept purposes.


Contractor refers to Marc’s Lawn Care, and the accepted refers to person who signs this agreement.

Thank you for your business!

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